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best gpt sites to earn 500 $ easily

welcome beginners , in we offers ways to make money online for beginners and one of the best ways to make some good amount of money without any skills or audience is earning money from gpt sites so we are here to give you the  best gpt sites to earn money all these sites in this post are legit websites that pay their users some are new gpt sites and some are old  

earn money from best gpt sites

what are gpt sites  

gpt sites are sites allow you to earn some bucks as a reward for completing any task or offer 

gpt ( get paid to ) from the name that means that you have to do something to get paid these tasks may be : 

- completing a survey 
- download an app 
- complete an offer 
- play a game 
- etc 

is gpt sites a good way to earn money 

for beginners who don’t have any skills or ( website - youtube channels ) gpt sites is one of the best ways to earn some easy money 
these gpt sites allow you to earn from doing nothing gpt sites offers really easy offers to complete 

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how much can i expect to earn from gpt sites 

so how much can i earn if i register gpt sites and start completing offers and surveys ? 

not much  i will be honest with you and tell you that don’t expect to earn much money from gpt sites because number one rule is sites require little effort pay little money

but you can approximately earn from 30 - 500 $ per month and some times less or more 

 best gpt sites in 2020 

there are nany gpt sites you can join some of them are scam websites and others are legit gpt websites so in this list we will provide you with best legit gpt sites that pay for its users 

1- Ysense 

ysense or clixsense previously is one of the best gpt sites ever 
- it is one of the most legit gpt sites untill now 
- it provides many ways to earn money these ways include : 


ysense contain many surveys that you can answer and you will get paid according to survey price 


as one of the oldest gpt sites ysense include many offers including ( wannad - offertoro - adgate media - adscend ) offers each offer you complete you get an amount of money varies from offer to offer 


ysense include many tasks you can do to make some money 
these are the best way to make money from ysense 

payment system 

ysense offers 3 main ways you can get paid using any of them 

- Paypal : 10 $ minimum
- Skrill : 5 $ minimum 
- Payoneer : 52 $ minimum 
- Amazon gift cards : 5 $ minimum

register a new ysense account from here ysense

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2- pointsprizes 

pointsprizes is one of the best gpt websites in 2020
- it is legit and pays 
- there are hundreds of offers to complete so you can earn good amount of money 
- offers in pointsprizes are from best CPA companies 
- you can earn daily points by participating in poll 
- it offers 10 % of your referral earnings 
- in this gpt site there are many withdrawl methods you can use to withdrow your earnings these methods include : 

Playstation card 
Paypal money 
- Stem cards 
Amazon gift cards 
I tunes cards 

and tens of ways you can withdraw your money through 

points prizes is my best gpt site in this list as it contain many offers and many methods to withdraw your money 

Register a new points prizes acount from here
you can know more about pointsprizes just check our pointsprizes full review 

3- Swagbucks 

swagbucks is one of the best gpt sites you will ever work with this site shoud be on the top of our list but according to the fact that it doesn’t accept all countries we have put it here in this position 

- swagbucks is a legit gpt website that paid over 200 million $ to its users 
- swagbucks contains many offers , surveys , download apps , video ads and cash back if you spend money using swagbuck shopping portal 
- Swagbucks have their search engine that will earn you money each time you use to search 
- swagbucks is best gpt site because it works sinse 2004 
- swagbucks as many other gpt websites offers a referral program that allow you to earn 10 % of your referral earnings 
- you can withdraw your earnings through : 

* Paypal : minimum 5 $ 
* Amazon gift cards : minimum 5 $ 

go to and check if your country is accepted  

4- Feature points 

featurepoints is one of the oldest legit gpt sites and because it allows payment in bitcoin it is one of the best bitcoin gpt websites for those who want to get paid in bitcoin .

there are hundreds of offers you can complete in this website that will allow you to earn good amount of money 

you can earn money from feature points ( answering surveys - completing offers - downloading apps ) 

minimum payout 5 $ ( 3000 points )
Payment methods paypal - Visa - Bitcoin - Gisft cards 

Register a new account from here ( feature points ) and get 50 points bonus 

5- timebucks 

timebucks is our best gpt website ever in this list it’t not only gpt website that has hundreds of offers but also has more than 12 ways of making money and is the first choice for those who are looking for bitcoin gpt websites 

- timebucks has ( surveys - offers - watching ads - captcha - etc ) that make it a gold mine for those who want to earn more money every minute 

minimum payout 10 $ 
payout methods  skrill - nettler - bitcoin - airtm - payeer 

Register a new account from here

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gpt1 is a legit gpt site and one of the best gpt sites until now 
- gpt1 allow you to earn points called tokens these tokens can be converted to money ( euro- usd ) 
- it has many offers you can complete and will allow you to earn good amount of money 
- it has no minimum payout 
- it provides 10 % of your referral earnings so every time some one register through your referral link gpt1 will give you 10% of his earnings lifetime 
- there are many withdrawl methods you can use to withdraw your money : 

paypal : 0.15 euro fees 
skrill : 0.15 euro fees 
nettler : 0.15 euro fees : 0.15 euro fees 
cashplus : 4 euro fees 

Register gpt1 from here

7- Clickworker 

clickworker is one of the best gpt sites it is a micro jobs site you have a profile you should fill in to attract customers 

- it has some good and easy offers you can complete these offers maybe 

* record a video of your self and get 2 euros 
* take a picture of your pet 
* download an app
* take part in a survey 
* and many other easy offers

- it has a good referral program that allow you to earn 5 EUR when your referral earn 10 EUR

- you will get paid via paypal  when your account reaches minimum payout 10 EUR

Register new clickworker account here

other gpt sites you may like 

8- Instagc
10- Getpaid 

these gpt sites are also legit gpt sites and good sites but the first 5 were the best gpt sites and the oldest

some concerns before working with gpt sites 

1- don’t depend on gpt sites as your first way to make money the offers good amount of money but still few bucks 
2- learn some other ways to make money like ( blogging - affiliate marketing - cpa ) and invest your earnings from gpt sites in this ways that will bring you alot of money 
3- these sites we reviewed in this post is the best sites and most legit but there is nothing is 100 % legit 

This was our list of best and most legit gpt sites taht you can use to earn money if you are a beginner  and have no skills 

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