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best 10 legit bitcoin faucets you should try

welcome to you are here now to know the best bitcoin faucet although i don’t prefer bitcoin faucet to earn but it still one of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoin so let’s move quickly to what you search for   best bitcoin faucets 2019

what is bitcoin faucets ? 

bitcoin faucet is a website offers you some satoshis to complete a certain offer these offers may be 

- solving captcha 
- watching ads 
-watching video
or any other mission to complete 

bitcoin faucets contain many ads and they share with you part of their profits this is mechanism of work of bitcoin faucets 

why using bitcoin faucet ? 

there are many reasons make you use bitcoin faucets and find best of them these are the most common reasons : 

1- it is free to join 
2- easy way to make a few bucks 
3- a very good way to learn more about cryptocurrencies and how it work

why not to use bitcoin faucets ? 

1- profits from this method are really low 
2- some people think that bitcoin faucets is a waste of time 
3- you need to have many active referrals to make good amount of money 

how much do you expect to earn from bitcoin faucets ? 

if you want to earn from bitcoin faucets then don’t expect to earn much only few dollars monthly ( 5 - 50 $ ) or maybe a bit more if you have hundreds of referrals working for you 

the more easy the way is the less you can expect to earn 

this is the number one rule you should know about beginners ways to earn money online but if you have skills ( writing - translating - etc ) you can earn more and more 

what do you need before working on bitcoin faucets ? 

before you know best bitcoin faucets to work with you will need some things very important 

1- E-mail ( gmail is preferred ) to activate your account 
2- Bitcoin wallet 

if you start working with bitcoin faucets or any other cryptocurrency field you will need bitcoin wallet 

bitcoin wallet is more like your bank account but for bitcoin your earning from bitcoin faucets will be sent to your bitcoin wallet then you can sell them in exchange for Fiat currency ( USD - EUR-etc) 

* there are 3 types of bitcoin wallets we will use when working with bitcoin faucets 


it is a collecting wallet that allow you to collect small amounts of satoshi then send them to your main bitcoin wallet 

faucethub is also a bitcoin faucet and contain a list of best bitcoin or other crypto faucets that faucethub support 

it provides wallets for many cryptocurrencies not only bitcoin

we will need this wallet as many faucets in this list are supported by faucethub

register a faucethub new account from here


it is also a collecting wallet like faucethub but it supports another bitcoin faucets 

you can withdraw your coins from it to your main wallet

Register a new coinpot account from here Coinpot


coinbase is one of the best wallet it provides wallets for 15 cryptocurrencies including ( bitcoin - litecoin - dash - ethereum - .....) 

you can send bitcoin from vitcoin faucets to coinbase wallet directly or you can send them to your ( faucethub - coinpot ) them to your main wallet 

with coinbase you can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange with fiat currencies 

Register a new coinbase account from here Coinbase

best legit and highest paying bitcoin faucets 

out there on the internet there are thousands of bitcoin faucets most of them are scam faucet you will work very hard for them then they won’t pay you or they will close the faucet so we are here in will provide you with the most legit bitcoin faucets untill now these faucets pay their users in regular basis so your effort will be rewarded 

1- Adbtc ( the best btc faucet )

Adbtc is one of my best sites to earn free bitcoin i really think it is one of the best bitcoin faucet in 2019 

adbtc it isn’t like any other bitcoin faucet it is more like to be with ptc sites but i prefer to put it on the top of this list as your earning is in btc 

there are no limit of what you can earn from Adbtc but minimum is 500 - 1000 satoshi 

it provides 3 types of advertisments to watch : 
- surf ads 
- Active windows ads 
- Autosurf ads 

Adbtc offers 10 % of your referral surf earning and 5 % of their Advertisment spending


Adbtc provides 3 ways to withdraw your earning : 

- Faucethub  : 5000 Satoshi minimum payout 
- Bitcoin wallet : 50 000 satoshi minimum payout 
- advertising balance : you can use your earning for advertising ( no minimum ) 
payment is made after about 5 days 

my payment proof from Adbtc

register a new account here Adbtc
 you will need your bitcoin address when regitering 
want to know more read Adbtc review and how to increase your earnings

2- Cointiply ( best btc faucet ) 

cointiply is my second way to earn easy free bitcoin 
it is considered one of the best bitcoin faucet for many reasons here you are some of these reasons : 

- many ways to earn 

* faucet 
* PTC 
* offers 
* watching videos 
* games 
* multiplier ( to increase your income ) 

- very good referral system you will earn 25 % of your referral claims from faucet and 10 % of their earning from offer wall 

- if your account has more than 35 000 coins you will get annual 5 % interest in your coin balance 


cointiply provide 3 withdrawl methods 

- main bitcoin wallet : 100 000 coin ( 10 $ ) minimum payout 
- faucethub wallet : 35000 coin ( 3.5 $ ) minimum payout 
- Dogecoin wallet : 50 000 coin ( 5 $  ) minimum payout 
payout takes from 24 h - one week 

Register a new cointiply account from here Cointiply 
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3- Btcclicks  ( legit and fast paying btc faucet )

btcclicks one of the best earn btc from watching ads website but we put it with best bitcoin faucet as it pays in bitcoin 

- it is legit 
- pay in 24 hour 
- low minimum payout ( 10 000 satoshi ) 
- very high referral system ( 80 % of your referral earning ) 
- reaching minimum payout may be slow 

Register a new Btcclicks account from here Btcclicks

want to know more read btcclicks review and how to earn from it 

4- ( the oldest btc faucet )

freebitcoin is one of the best bitcoin faucet and one of the oldest faucets in the world 

* it is working since 2013 and still paying for users 
* you can earn from faucet only every hour 
* if your account has more than 30 000 satoshi free bitcoin will give you 4.5 % annual interest 
* it has lottery cards that can earn you a huge amount of bitcoin 
* you can multiply your bitcoin by playing multiplier 
* you can bet on various of events and earn more
* rewards for using multiplier and referring 
* you can earn 50 % of your referral earning from faucet and 25 % of their annual interest 


minimum payout from is 30 000 satoshi 
payment will be made every sunday 

Register a new freebitcoin account from here

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coinpot bitcoin faucets 

if you are looking for bitcoin faucets that support coinpot wallet you are in the right place in this list the best coinpot faucets to start earning from these faucets first thing you should : 

- link your coinpot e-mail to these faucets and claim 
- when you click claim button your bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be transfered to your coinpot wallet directly 

5- Moonbitcoin 

moon bitcoin is one of the best bitcoin faucets 
* it is working from 2017 and pay instantly to your coinpot account 
* faucet will reward you every 5 minutes all you have to do is solving the captcha 
* you can also earn more by completing offers which is very easy 
* you will earn 50 % of your referral claims from faucet + 1 % bonus every time he claim 

Register a new moonbitcoin account from here Moonbitcoin

6- moon dogecoin 

moon dogecoin is one of the best dogecoin faucet it is one of the coinpot faucets 

- it allows you to earn dogecoin every 5 minute 
- it contains offers to increase your earning 
- your earnings will be transfered directly to your coinpot account 
- by using coinpot you can exchange any cryptocoin to another one without any fees 
- you can earn 25 % from your referral earnings 

Register a new account from here

7- moon liteoin 

moon lite coin is one of  coinpot supported faucets that allow you to earn free litecoin 

- you can claim every 5 minutes 
- it cointaind offers to increase your faucet earnings 
- you can convert it to any coin through your coinpot account without fees 
- it offers 25 % of your referral earnings

Regiter a new account here

8- moondash 

it is one of the best faucets it allows you to earn dash coin that can be exchanged with any other crypto coin inside coinpot wallet

- it is the sam with other moon sites 
Register new account here Moondashcoin

9- moonbitcoin cash 

one of the best faucets to earn bitcoin cash which can be converted to any coin 

the same with other moon websites is with this site 

Register a new account from here Moondashcoin 

10- Bonus bitcoin 

the last bitcoin with us in this list is Bonus bitcoin 
* bonus bitcoin is one of the best bitcoin faucets 
* it works from 2017 
* it pays instantly to your coinpot wallet 
* 5 % daily bonus you recieve 
* 50 % of your referral earning lifetime 
* you can claim from faucet every 15 minutes 
* you can earn up to 5000 satoshi in claim 
* you can earn more by completing offers and playing Dice 

Register a new Bonus bitcoin account from here

this was our list of the best bitcoin faucets in 2019 if you have any question or want to add any legit faucit don’t hesitate to leave a comment 

thank you for being here