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is pointsprizes legit ( full review ) 2020

welcome in beginner first dollars reviews you are here in this post today to know more about pointsprizes and is it scam or legit website , aren’t you ?
in this post we will show you a full pointsprizes review and is it scam or legit website so let’s move quickly to what you search for 

pointsprizes review best gpt site

is pointsprizes legit ? 

this is one of the most important question you should know before registering any money making website, and to make sure your time will be appreciated we review only legit websites , and pointsprizes is one of the most legit gpt websites on the internet 
here you are our payment proof to make sure it is legit and worth working on it 

points peizes payment proof

what is pointsprizes ? 

pointsprizes is one of the best gpt sites 
* it is legit website and pays to its users 
* it is a very good way to earn few bucks for beginners who don’t have any website or youtube channel or even skill 
* it contains many offers that you can complete to earn money 
* many payment methods including ( paypal money - bitcoin - free gift cards ) 
* daily points for polls 

how can i earn from ? 

pointsprizes has thousands of things to make money from it and as i said before pointsprizes is a GPT site ( get paid to ) so you can make money by completeing an action that could be : 

1- Offers 

you can earn money from pointsprizes by completing very easy offers like ( quiz - game - installing app - etc ) can you believe that ? 

the special thing about pointsprizes is that it cointain hundreds of offers so you can earn alot of money every month 

2- surveys 

pointsprizes offers many surveys you can answer all question and get reward immediately after finishing survey 

3- Video ads 

another very easy way to earn money from pointsprizes is through watching videos every time you watch a video you get points which can be converted to cash 

4- giveaways 

pointsprizes also offers giveaway points for participating in chat community 

5- daily poll 

daily poll is a good way to earn from pointsprizes they give you 5 points for every time you share your opinion in this poll 

after awhile this 5 points will be 4 points then 3 points finally you get 1 point every day 

this was all ways to earn from points prizes our recomendation in this earning review is to focus on completing offers this will provide you with a really good amount of money 

pointsprizes coupons to earn free 500 points 

pointsprizes offers a way to earn free points in this file i will leave to you coupons that you can use to earn up to 500 free pointsprizes points  

Download coupons from here  Download

points prizes payment system reviews 

so how does pointsprizes pay its users ? let’s move to payment review ( methods - minimum payout ) 

pointsprizes provides alot of payment methods that’s why points prizes is one of the best gpt sites 

minimum payout is 3000 points  = 20 $

payment methods 

google play card 
Amazon gift card 
Xbox card 
Sptify gift card 

and many other payment methods 

pointsprizes pays its users when they request payout and up to 30 days from their withdrawl request 

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pointsprizes referral system review 

Does pointsprizes offer referral system ? yes 
points prizes provides a very good referral system 
everytime a person register a new account from your referral link you will earn 10 % of his earnings ( without affecting his earnings ) 

pointsprizes also offers ( 1- 30 ) bonus points for each referral register through your affiliate link 

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how to register a new pointsprizes accounts ? 

so after our pointsprizes full review you decided to give it a try that’s a good decision  all you have to do is simply follow these steps : 

1- go to website from here
2- just put you email and click create account 

pointsprizes full review

3- go to your e-mail and verify your account 
4- go to setting and create your password to protect your account 

our final thoughts : is pointsprizes worth you time 

in this review we tried to show you every thing you should know about pointsprizes before registering a new account and it time now we tell you our opinion about pointsprizes  

pointsprizes is : 

- legit website 
- pay to users 
- contains many offers 
- have many payment methods 

so we think you should give pointsprizes a try if you want to earn some easy money 

 Join pointsprizes

this was our pointsprizes review if you have any question or want to add any information don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or contact us 

Do you like this review ? 

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