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my 30 days ysense review 2020 ( scam or legit )

I love gpt websites , gpt work it is my best way of making money online  , so i wanted to share my Ysense experience with all of you guys in this review , so if you love gpt websites like me you will definitely love Ysense . 

I don’t want to take more time writing this intro about ysense so let’s move directly to our my full Ysense review 2020 and know if it is scam or legit ? and the most important is it worth your time or not ? . 
ysense review the best gpt site

what is the Ysense ? 

- Ysense is the new version of clixsense ( one of the oldest gpt sites )  
- ysense is a gpt website that allows you to make money from home by completing offers . 
-  It has hundreds of offers to complete so you can make alot of money daily . 

Is Ysense legit or scam ? 

When you start working online and decide to join any website you should make sure it is legit and worth you time but don’t worry Ysense is a legit website and i think it is the most legit gpt website i have worked on . 
ysense is never a scam , so don’t worry all your efforts on website will be rewarded .

want a payment proof ? here you are two of tens of my payment proofs . 

1- payment proof to my skrill account

ysense legit
ysense payment proof to skrill
2- payment proof to my paypal account

ysense is legit
ysense payment proof to paypal

How can you make money from Ysense ? 

like any other gpt website ysense contains offers from different companies but the special thing about is there are hundreds of them on ysense in addition to , surveys , tasks and video ads . 
one thing I’ve noticed about ysense offers that they are the highest priced compared to other gpt websites . 

1- ysense surveys 

surveys are the best if you want to earn big . surveys prices are really high  in ysense . 
survey price is from 0.5 - 10 $ per 20 minute survey . 
ysense surveys are from very trusted websites ( Toluna - Cint - your survey - sayso - opinion survey )  

2- Ysense offers 

offers are th main way of making money from gpt websites but what considered special about ysense offers are : 

- number of offers they have 
- price ( they offer the highest price indeed ) 
- the best offer walls from the best networks 

If you want to earn more you should try these offers one time . 

3- ysense tasks 

Do you know you can solve tasks very easy ones and get paid ? 

ysense tasks is a good way to increase your daily earnings from the website 

when you solve tasks worth 50 $ ysense will give you a 5 $ reward 

tasks prices vary from 0.10 to 5 $ when you complete any task you get paid 

you can also share in ysense task weekly content and earn from 50 to 2 $ if you were one of the top 10 workers . 

4- Ysense video ads 

It is a new way to make money from ysense but for USA only so if you’re from any other country you won’t find this option . 

in this section you will find about 10 video each allows you to make about 0.02 $ . 

it isn’t a good way but it’s new and maybe in future we will find more and more video ads . 

Ysense referral program review 

I really like ysense referral program it is one of the best and this is for many reasons here you are why we said that 

- Ysense offers 20 % of your referral earnings ( without affecting their earnings ) 

- you can increase your referral percent from 20 % to 30 % if you have minimum 100 referral your percent will increase to 25 % if you have minimum 200 referral your percent will be 30 % 

- ysense offers 0.10 - 0.30 $ sign up bonus for each referral that becomes active .
- when your referral earns his first 5 $ you get 2 $ bonus 
- Clixsense  referral program allow you to earn from referral in 8 levels but ysense referral program only one level 

Ysense payment review 

previously when it was called Clixsense this site used to pay its users through 
payoneer , skrill and gift card 

now Ysense pays its users through : 

- Amazon gift card : 5 $ minimum payout 
- Skrill : 5.05 $ minimum payout 
- Paypal ( USD ) : 10 $ minimum payout  

you will get paid in 3 - 5 working days after requesting payout .

Ysense Pros 

now in this review what makes me sign in a new Ysense account there are many reasons here you are some of them : 

- it is legit 
- it is owned by prodege ( swagbucks owner  ) 
- Ysense has the best referral program 
- many offers and surveys to earn 
- paypal payment 
- it has addon which you may add to your browser and will notify you whenever there is a new offer or survey 

ysense Cons 

- few payment methods ( paypal - amazon gift cards - skrill )

how to register a new account 

so after this review you have decided to give Ysense ( clixsense ) a try that’s very good decision to register a new Ysense account all you have to do is simply follow these steps : 

1- go to
2- fill registeration form below 

Ysense review register a new account

3- go to your email and verify tour Ysense account 
4- Log in to your account start earning 

final thoughts : is Ysense worth a try 

as usual we tried to show you in this review all you need to know before registering a new Ysense ( clixsense ) account and it is up to you now but we think Ysense will be one of the best survey and gpt sites and it worth a try 

this was our full Clixsense ( ysense ) review if you have any question or want to add any thing to this review don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment 

do you like this review ? 

share it now with all you know and start earning together