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best easy ways to make money online ( you must read )

making money online is a dream for most of us ,most of us dream about starting their own online work and they think that they will get money from a machine without exerting effort but let me be honest with you and say that to you 
work smart and hard will get you passive income but if you are looking for easy ways to make  money online  ( and this what we will discuss in this post ) you should know that it isn’t a work it is just a way to collect some money so you can start your own online business 

easy ways to make money online

what will you see in this post ? 

in this post we will talk about some ways of making money online for beginners so it is called easy ways because they don’t require any skills or learning all you need is just some time and do what we will write in the next paragraphs 

best easy ways to make money online 

the ways we will share with you are the best we will also share websites with you these websites are the best and most legit so if you find any other website on another blog make sure to check this website is it legit or scam 

these easy ways of making money online are arranged from the easiest way to the best way that will get you more money but it require some effort 

1- make money easily  watching ads 

watching ads and earn money is the easiest way to make money online but to be honest it is the less paying way all you will get from any watching ads websites is ( 0.02 - 0.05 ) $ / day , i think it is a waste of time and i think you say that too , but i have to talk about them as there are some people who like these websites and can earn very good amount from them ( by referrals of course ) 


timebucks is my best website that i recommend to beginners who don’t have any skills and want to make money online by using easy ways 

by using timebucks you can earn from 0.5 $ - 15 $ / daily 
it contain offers - paid surveys - tasks - videoads - ads - captcha solving 

minimum payout from timebucks is 10 $ you can make this amount in just 1 - 3 days so it offers easy fast and good opportunity to make some money online 

Register timebucks from here Timebucks . com

 Adbtc is one of the best watching ads website it allows you to earn money by : 

- watching 3 types of ads 
- earn 15 % from your referral earnings 
- sell your referral 

you can earn up to 1000 satoshi easily from watching ads only 
adbtc pay you in bitcoin so you need to have a bitcoin wallet 

check Adbtc full review and how i earned 150 $ from it 


neobux is one of the oldest and most legit ptc website with neobux you can earn from 0.01 - 1 $ by easy steps 

it offers about 10 ads you can earn 0.01 $ from them so how to earn 1 $ - 5 $ a day 
neobux also contain ( offers - tasks - paid surveys - referral ) you can earn up to 5 $ a day by completing these easy offers on neobucks  

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2- make money easily from gpt websites

if you are looking for easy ways to make money but not a little but good amount of money maybe about 50 - 100 $ monthly then gpt websites are a good way to achieve this amount of money sometimes more and sometimes less 

so. what are gpt websites ?

GPT or get paid to websites are websites that you can earn money from it by completing : 

- simple tasks 
- offers ( downloading app - register an account - playing - solving a quiz ) 
- surveys 

each offer or task varies from ( 0.20 - 3 ) $ and maybe more in some offers 

we talk about all gpt websites in another post so we will move quickly to the best 2 GPT websites you should know about

if you want to read the full review of gpt websites check the best legit GPT websites 

points prizes 

pointsprizes is one of the best legit gpt websites if you don’t have any skills and need an easy way of making money online i think pointsprizes is a good choice for you 

- pointsprizes have a large number of offers , tasks , surveys and video ads 
- minimum amount to withdraw your earning is 20 $ ( you can reach in just few days ) 
- you have to collect about 3000 point to withdraw you earnings 

* earn 500 point free just redeem these coupons Download coupons
when some one asks me for the best gpt website i usually mention points prizes at first as he will find tons of offers and tasks so register now and start earning 

you can also check my pointsprizes full review for 2020 and see how you can increase your earnings  


ysense is one of the best websites that allow you to earn some fast and easy money online 

- ysense is one of the oldest and most legit gpt website it is the new version of most known website clixsense  

- best thing about ysense is that minimum payout is really low it is just 5 $ you can withdraw your earnings once you reach minimum payout . it takes from 2 - 5 days to get paid 

- ysense contain offers , surveys , tasks and video ads 

if you want to know more about ysense and how to earn from it simply check our ysense full review for 2019 

3- make easy money online by taking surveys 

surveys are the best form of making easy money online as you know and all know that surveys don’t require any skills or need a high iq level it consists of some quistions about a product or service 

surveys allow you to earn from 100 - 1000 $ monthly and some people told us that they are making more than 1000 $ monthly 
one of my people i know told me that he earns about 1500 $ monthly just by solving surveys 

surveys are one of the most easy ways to make money online but you have to offer true information about your self and true answers on survey questions 

so let’s move quickly to the best 2 survey websites i use : 


yougov is one of my fav one when it comes to survey websites 
it offers large number of surveys so it is the first in this survey list of websites 

yougov gives you points for surveys you complete these points vary from 100 - 2000 point per survey 

i won’t take along time in yougov as we will review this website and put all we need to talk about in this post 


toluna is another good survey website to earn some easy money it contain many surveys and is well-known for both advertiser and people who completing surveys 

4- make easy money online by shorten urls

shorten urls are very good  to start earning some fast easy  money online 
url shorteners are websites that allow you to shorten any url and they put their ads on that link before visitor go to targeted url and share some money with you 

in url shorteners you are responsible for attracting visitors to your link and each visitor click on your link and watch ads you get money normally from 3 $ to 15 $ for 1000 visits to your link 

if you have a blog or a website with some traffic you can double your earnings from shorten urls 

to know more about best url shorteners and how to earn from them don’t forget to check our best legit url shorteners in 2020 

so let’s move quickly to the best 3 url shorteners we recommend to you 


adfly is the oldest and most legit url shortener it provides CPM rates lower then other shorteners but when it come to paying and honest adfly is the best so we recommend as the first url shortener to earn some easy money from shorten urls

 minimum payout from adfly is 5 $ only is another url shortener website that is consider one of the best and oldest provides high cpm rates and you can share its links on facebook which  is the best about is easy to use not only for you as a publisher but also for visitor as it doesn’t contain so many pop ads 


shrinkearn is one of the best and most known url shorteners what is special about this website  is that it allow you to withdraw your earnings daily once you reach your minimum payout 5 $ 

there is some thing which i don’t like about shrinkearn is that it contains so many pop ads so it is really annoying to visitors 

5- make easy money by uploading-files 

Did you hear about uploading files and earn money before ? if you are a beginner you probably didn’t 

how can you earn by just uploading a file ( photo - text - video - program ) ? all you have to do is that : 

- go to any file uploading websites that pay for each download 
- create an account 
- upload your file 
- take file link and start to attract visitors to download the file 

* you need to choose a file that people search for it 
* select the best place to share your link 

uploading files websites will allow you to make easy money online and if you have a youtube channel or a blog i think you will earn 4 times as much 

let’s move directly to the best 2 file uploading websites : 


file-up is one of the best and oldest file uploading websites it allow you to earn from 3 $ to 7 $ per 1000 download to your file 

there are 2 things i really love about file-up : 

* minimum payout is really low 1 $ 
* there are about 20 payment method you can choose what is suitable for you 


up4-ever is another well-known file uploading website it offers the same advantages that are offered by file-up so we won’t take too much time talking about up4-ever

6- make easy money by solving captcha 

what is captcha ? it is a human verification test used by websites to differentiate between human and bots visitors 

some websites are called captcha website you can earn money easily by joining these websites you get from 0.5 $ to 1.5 $ per 1000 captcha solved by you 

who ask for these solved captcha ? i don’t know to be honest but there are many opinions about this most of these opinions or what is shared on captcha websites is that some companies require huge amount of captcha in small period of time so they get help by paying these websites to get a solved captcha for them 

what are the best 2 websites allow you to earn money by solving captcha ? 

there are many captcha websites but the best of them are : 

2Captcha which is one of the oldest and best captcha websites it contain good amount of captcha but because there are a lot of worker you may get a few number of captcha 


kolotibablo is one of the oldest websites in captcha solving field it has good rates compared to other websites but it requires accurate people as it close account after some wrong captcha 

you may also like full guide to earn 300 $ from captcha working 

7- earn money easily from faucets 

another way to make some fast easy money online is through bitcoin faucet it isn’t much money but it is easy and doesn’t require any skills you just need to : 

- have a bitcoin wallet to receive your earning in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency 
- Register all faucets and start claiming bitcoin 

what is bitcoin faucet ?

bitcoin faucet is a website give you a small amount of money ( in satoshi ) every period of time maybe this period is ( 5 min - 15 min - 1 hour ) we have written a long post about bitcoin faucets what is it ? and how to claim ? and the top 10 bitcoin faucet you can know more by reading  all  about bitcoin faucets  and the best of them 

now let’s move quickly to the best 2 bitcoin faucets you should try : 


cointiply is one of the best and most known bitcoin faucets you can roll and receive coins every hour it allows you to earn more by : 

- multiplier 
- watching ads 
- completing offers 
- taking surveys 
- watching videos 

for more information about this faucet just read cointiply full review is it worth or not

freebitcoin is one of the most legit bitcoin faucets till now it allow you to earn satoshis every hour you can also multiply your earning through : 

- betting 
- lottery tickets 
- multiplier 
-  referral earnings 

you can read more about this faucet by check this review is it worth your time 

coinpot faucets

a group of bitcoin faucets pay you directly to your coinpot wallet so if you want to work on these faucets you should have a coinpot wallet then register these faucet 

you can find the list of these faucets in our best bitcoin faucets review 

these are the easiest ways to make money online if you have another easy way share it with us so we can all benefit from you 

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