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best guide to earn 300 $ from captcha

captcha is one of the easiest ways of making money online  . being a beginner in making money online will put you infront of few decisions either to look for the easiest ways of making money or learning good ways ( need skills ) which need some knowledge ( blog - youtube channel - marketing - trading - ... ) and the best thing to make if you are a beginner and don’t have any skill is to mix between easy ways of making money and learning new ways that need skills . so we are here to provide you a full guide to make money from captcha which is easy way and doesn’t require any skill or knowledge 

best sites to earn money from captcha

what will you find in this post :- 

1- what is captcha ? 
2- how to earn from captcha ? 
3- why people pay money for solving captcha ? 
4- what are the best earn from captcha sites ?
5- final thoughts about earning money from captcha 

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what is captcha ? 

to know what is captcha we may say simply it is a human verification test that differentiate between human and bots or we can quot definition from wikipedia

 an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human 
 so simply without any complicated terms it is a differentiation test between human and bots 

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how to earn money from captcha 

earning money from captcha is really easy you just need to follow these simple steps to start earning some money : 

1- Join one of the captcha websites 
2- solve captcha you will find in websites 
3- start earning some money ( 0.5 - 2 $ / 1000 captcha solved ) 
4- withdraw your earnings to your bank account 

why people pay money for solving their captcha ?

there are many thoughts about why people pay for solving their captcha but people who work in captcha solving websites don’t give interest to this as they are paid 

first thought and this is what captcha websites use is that : 
there are companies and websites that need a huge amount of captcha daily for completing their tasks so they pay for other people to solve and they save their time 

second thought  and this is what was published in newyorktimes  paper  is that spammer ask people to solve their captcha for some money and i think this thought is more acceptable 

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best websites to earn from captcha 

there are thousands of websites that offer money for solving captcha they all have the same rates of money / 1000 captcha solved this rate is about 0.5 $ - 1.2 $ / 1000 captcha solved so let’s move now to the best captcha websites you can use and start earning money 

1- Kolotibablo 

kolotibablo is one of the oldest and most known earn money from captcha websites 

kolotibablo is working in captcha since 2007 
one of the worst things about kolotibablo that it requires very high accuracy if you make some mistakes your account may be banned 

there are huge number of captcha if you want to earn more select to make a discount and you will get many captcha to solve 

minimum payout is 1 $ and you can withdraw your earnings using : 

- Bitcoin ( minimum 0.002 BTC ) 
- Ethereum ( 1 $ ) 
- Litcoin ( 1 $ ) 
- Advcash ( 1 $ ) 
- Capitalism ( 1 $ ) 

Register a new account from here

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2- Timebucks 

timebucks is the best website i recommend to all beginners in all my posts 
timebucks is a ( GPT - PTC - earn from captcha - survey)  website because of that there are many ways you can use to earn money but now we will start talking about timebucks as a website allows you to make money from captcha 

check the full review of timebucks captcha system 2020

timebucks allows you to earn 0.003 $ for the first 20 captcha you solve and  top 50 will earn 1 $ bonus each , isn’t it good ? 

minimum payout to withdraw your earnings is 10 $ you can reach this minimum payout in one day 

you can withdraw your earnings using ( bitcoin - payeer - skrill - nettler ) 

Join timebucks now from here

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3- 2Captcha 

2captcha is one of the best and oldest sites to earn money from captcha it allows you to earn money by completing some captcha 

- one of the oldest and most legit captcha websites 
- easy to use no complications 
- minimum payout is 0.5 $ 
- many ways to withdraw money ( webmoney - advcash - perfectmoney - uphold - airtm - Payeer - Bitcoin ) 
- about 0.30 $ - 1 $ / 1000 captcha solved 
- many users working on it which is considered disadvantage because it will be few number of captcha to solve 
- i have registered 2captcha and it contains good number of captcha i have earned 0.02 $ in 5 minutes solving 40 captcha 

Register a new account from here 2captcha

4- Megatypers 

megatypers is one of the best sites to earn money from captcha solving 
megatypers contain good number of captcha to solve daily 
top users in megatypers make good amount of money from it it may reach 100 $ a month or more 
to Register a new account you need activation code try this one 
megatypers offers up to 1.5 $ / 1000 captcha solved 
minimum payout is 3 $ 

payment methods are : 

- paypal 
- western union ( 100 $ ) 
- perfect money 
- webmoney
- Bitcoin 
- Litecoin 

Join megatypers from here Megatypers 

5- captchatypers 

captchatypers is one of the best sites to earn money from captcha 
it is one of the most known captcha earning websites 

to start solving captcha and earn money you need to download app for PC or for android if you are working from home 

there are good amount of captcha to solve so you can earn up to 2 $ a day 

minimum payout is 5 $ for nettler and solidtrust and 1 $ for other methods ( perfectmoney - payza - indian bank - advcash ) 

Register a new account from here Captchatypers 

6- Protyper 

protyper is another good earn money from captcha website it is very similar to megatypers the same design and the same payment methods 
protyper is a good captcha website can be added to this list 

Register a new account from here Protypers 

there are another sites to earn money from captcha but they are now don’t accept Registration but you may like to know these sites 

7- Qlinkgroup 
8- fast typers 

this list is the best sites to earn money from captcha if you want to add another websites don’t hesitate to leave it in a comment 

Did you like it ? 

share it so we can reach to more and more users who want to earn money online from captcha 



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