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kolotibablo review is it scam or legit captcha website

earning money from solving captcha is one of the best ways for beginners to start earning some cash online there are many captcha websites that you can use hundreds of them but legit and paying websites are few so in this review you will see one of the best captcha websites and the highest paying one so let’s move quickly to kolotibablo review 

earn money from captcha using kolotibablo

is kolotibablo scam or legit website ? 

to start working in any website you need to know is this website is going to pay you or not to start working on it so is kolotibablo legit ? 

yes , kolotibablo is 100 % legit captcha earning website ( till this moment ) i withdraw from it several times without facing any problems so don’t be worried 

how much money can you expect to earn from kolotibablo ? 

there are no limit for how much you can earn from kolotibablo the more captcha you solve , the more money you earn 

when i was working on kolotibablo i managed to make about 50 - 100 $ monthly sometimes less and some times more 

top workers on kolotibablo are making 3-10 $ / day this means about 100-300 $ monthly !! isn’t it very good ? this is the top worker list and their earnings 
top workers on kolotibablo

how can you work on kolotibablo ? 

there are 3 ways you can use the website through them : 
1- working on website it self 
2- working on kolotibablo program for windows 
3- working through kolotibablo app for android 

you can choose the best method that suits you the most 
for me  i prefer working on website it self but working on kolotibablo program will allow you to get Recaptcha to solve which pays you more so you will earn more 

how you can earn from kolotibablo ? 

earning from kolotibablo depends mainly on captcha solving but there are 2types of captcha you can solve and tasks you can take to earn more 

- Normal captcha : normal captcha are some letters you write or a sum to solve it pays you less you can make 0.42$ / 1000 normal captcha solved 

- Recaptcha  : Recaptcha is the highest paying form of captcha on kolotibablo you can make from 1.2 - 2 $ / 1000 recaptcha solved but  to get access to those recaptcha you have to download and install kolotibablo free program or app 

- tasks : tasks is another way you can increase you earnings through on kolotibablo 
tasks are some specific captcha that pay you more put you have to install kolotibablo program and pass the test to get access to them 

what about kolotibablo referral program ? 

kolotibablo has a very good referral program that allow you to make more money by inviting your family and your friends to work on it 
kolotibablo gives you 10 % of your referral earnings so it is a very good way to increase your earnings without affecting your friends earnings 

kolotibablo payment system review 

kolotibablo payment system is one of the best systems  and is one of the reasons that made me love this website to know more about this payment system and why i think it is very good we will talk about : 

Minimum payout : 1 $ i think it is very low minimum payout you can reach in very short time 

payment methods : there are many payment methods you can use to withdraw your earnings from kolotibablo : 

- Bitcoin : 0.002 BTC minimum 
- Litecoin : 1 $ 
- Ethereum : 1 $ 
- Advcash : 1$ 
- Internal transfer to another kolotibablo account : 0.5 $ 
- Capitalist : 1 $ 

Payment time : Instant that means the time you request withdrawal from the website you will get paid in the same moment 


- easy to use and easy to earn 
- low minimum payout 
- instant payout 
- many payment methods 
- many captchas to solve ( you will never stop working ) 
- if number of captcha is low you can make a discount so you will get more captcha to solve 


- if you make several mistakes your account will be banned ( about 20 mistake / 1000 captcha ) so you need to make sure your are writing correctly 
- Bitcoin minimum withdrawal is high 

My kolotibablo payment proofs 

kolotibablo payment proof

how to start working on kolotibablo ? 

first of all you have to : 

- Register a new account from here Kolotibablo
- confirming your E-mail
- log in and start solving captcha and earning money 

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