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2captcha review ( strike your earnings )

captcha websites are one of data-entry fields that allow you to make money by just doing very easy work ( entering data ) as we all know but now we will review one of the most known captcha websites . we are now going to write a full 2Captcha review so you can now follow us and know all about this 2captcha site

Is 2captcha paying ? 

there are many scam captcha websites but according to our experience with this website and according to hundreds of others reviews 2Captcha is legit and paying captcha website 
so if you want to start earning from 2captcha go ahead ( after completing this post of course 😂 ) 

2captcha is legit
2captcha review : payment proof 

How much can you earn from 2captcha ?

first thing you have to know is that there is no limit of what you can earn from 2captcha . amount you can earn depend mainly on how much hours can you spend solving these captcha codes that website offer 
but you can earn from 50 - 500 $ monthly , when i was working on 2captcha i was making 1 - 5 $ per day so you can earn like me maybe more if you got some referrals 

How can you work on 2captcha ? 

strating working on 2captcha is through one of these methods: 
- work through website 
- work through mobile interface ( for mobile users ) 
- download 2captcha bot for windows  

choose the best way for you and start working through it 

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How can you earn from 2captcha ? 

earnings from 2captcha are affected by type of captcha you solve , there are 2 types of captcha on the website 

Normal captcha: which consists of some letter in image you write and you get paid . about 0.35 - 0.50 $ / 1000 captcha solved 

Recaptcha: is the highest paying type of captcha it allows you to earn from 1 - 2.5 $ / 1000 captcha solved 
to get more 2captcha you have to download 2captcha bot 

2captcha referral program review 

2captcha referral program is a method to increase your earnings from website 
you can make 10 % of earnings of any one who register using your link ( without affecting his earnings of course ) 

2Captcha payment system review 

2captcha payment system is very good for these reasons : 

Minimum payout: 0.5 $ 
Payment methods: 2captcha provides several ways to withdraw your earnings include: 
- webmoney : 0.5 $
- payeer : 0.5 $
- perfect money 0.5 $
- advcash : 0.5 $
 - uphold : 0.5 $
 - airtm : 1 $
 - Bitcoin : 1 $


- legit and paying website 
- very easy to use 
- good amount of captcha to solve 
- many payment methods 
- very low minimum payout 


- sometimes captcha are few because there are any workers
- Payment isn’t instant like Kolotibablo

How to start earning from 2captcha ? 

first of all you have to : 

- Register a new account from here  2captcha. com 
- Confirm your email address 
- Log in to your account and start solving captcha to earn 

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