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Yllix review is it the best adsense alternative ?

After my experience with a plenty of adsense alternatives I think I can now talk about each one of them and now Iam writing  this guide to those who want a good ad network that will give them real revenue . for those who seek for a profit from their websites or blogs we are here to see a full Yllix review before you start putting their ads on your blog or website . 

Yllix media review

what is Yllix ? 

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

Yllix is one of hundreds of ad network that allows you to earn money through putting their ads on your website . 
as all publishers now all ad networks can provide you a little profit from their ads that we can’t compare to revenue that adsense offers from the same number of visitors but why we think yllix is different and offers competitive ad revenue . what are Pros and cons of using yllix , how good is there payment system , what types of ads does they provide ? 

all these thing will be discussed in details to get a complete picture before trying their ads but first of all you need to know 

Is Yllix legit adsense alternative ? 

till this moment of writing thiis post yllix is legit and pays i uses Yllix ads on one of my blogs and get paid in regular basis without any problems

Yllix payment proof 

this is the first thing you should always ask for in any review before trying any thing , and you should be sure that your traffic won’t go to the wrong ad network so here you are one of my payment proofs by yllix 

is Yllix legit or scam adsense alternative

what types of ads Yllix offers ?

yllix has several ad types for all publishers it allows you to monetize your content whatever your content is ( mainstream - adult content ) you can monetize both of them
even you don’t have a blog or website you can also earn money from Yllix by using their Direct links that we like so much , here you are all types of ads you can use : 

- Banner ads ( several sizes of banners ) 
- popunder ads 
- Popup ads 
- Push notification ads 
- Direct link of course 
- Redirect ad tag 
- In app ads 

what ad campaigns that Yllix offers ? 

Yllix offers 3 types of ad campaigns 

- CPM ( cost per mile ) you will earn when people saw yllix ads on your website 
- CPC ( cost per click ) you will earn each time visitors click on your ads 
- CPA ( cost per action ) you will earn when visitors click on your ads and completing action ( buy - submitting email - etc ) 

Yllix Payment system 

yllix has one of the best payment systems as it is automated payment system so you don’t have to log in to withdraw your earnings . 
just fill in your information and select you want ( daily - weekly ) payment according to your earnings 

it allows you to withdraw your money using 4 different payment methods 

- Paypal : minimum payout 1 $ daily - 10 $ weekly ( no fees )
- Bitcoin : minimum payout 10 $ 
- Payoneer : minimum payout 50 $ 
- Bank Wire : minimum payout 100 $ ( 10 $ fee ) 

Why you should join Yllix 

to make this review complete review you should know what make Yllix a good choice for you as a publisher and here are some reasons make you join Yllix 

1- Yllix offers very competitive payout rates 
2- Yllix is legit and pays 
3- Yllix has several types of ads and several types of campaigns 
4- Yllix has automated payment system so you don’t have to be worry about your earnings just put the codes on your site and recieve your payment through your preferred payment method 
5- Yllix offers 4 different payment methods including paypal 
6- Using yllix you can monetize all types of content 
7- Yllix is the best choice for webmasters of Url shortening websites 
8- very low minimum payout 
9- Yllix have very good support system 

Yllix Cons 

- CPM campaigns are few 
platform doesn’t look professional 

How to register a new Yllix account 

1- Go to Yllix just click on the banner below 

yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us

2- Fill in your information as in photo

Create a new account on Yllix

3- After creating your account you will get an email containing your log in information 
4- Log in create ad unit ( you don’t need to add a website once you create ad unit and put it on your website it will be added automatically 

Did you like this review ? 

we tried hard to put all information you need to know in this review so please if you like it share it with others