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feature points review is it scam or legit gpt site

Feature points is one of the best gpt websites to earn some real cash online by completing offers if you don’t know featurerpoints is online since 2012 and still online so we are now going to write a full feature points review for you to start making money from this gpt site and be sure you get paid after requesting payout. 

( featurepoints review ( legit gpt site

Is feature points legit website ? 

the first question we start with when writing a review about any website is it legit or scam website , firt of all you have to know that there are hundreds of gpt website that is just scam and waste of time but featurepoints is a legit gpt website that is really working and paying its users in time 
so you can register a new feature points account and start earning without any problems . 

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Feature points earning ways review 

now let’s move on and know how you can make money using feature points ? and what are the ways that feature points offers and you can make money by completing them ? 

there are many ways you can earn money through using feature points here you are these ways 


surveys are the best to earn money from feature points 
there are tens of surveys you can complete to earn thousands of points that can be redemed to real money 

if you are in USA then there are hundreds of available surveys you can solve 


offers are the second way to earn good number of points there are many offer walls and many offers to choose between and start earning thousands of points to redeem with real cash 

Downloading apps 

one of the best ways to earn from feature points is by downloading apps on you  phone and start earning points after that . 

Win contest 

one of the best things featurepoints do is a contest for people who work hard 
the more you complete offers and earning points the more entries you get to earn 
there are 2 contests ( daily contest - monthly contest )

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Feature points referral system review 

Does featureoints has affiliate ( referral ) program ? 
of course  feature points has one of the best referral systems that allows you to earn from people you bring to them 

How much you can earn from your referrals? 

feature points offers you 50 % of your referrals earnings ( without affecting their earnings of course 

the best thing about their referral program that they allow your referrals to earn a gift points when they register using your affiliate link or code but if they register without using your affiliate link they won’t get gift points isn’t it good system ? 

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Feature points payment system ( full review ) 

so let’s move quickly to how you get paid from featurepoints ? what are payment methods ? and what is the minimum payout to request payout ? 

first of all you should know that feature points works with points system ( you get points by completing surveys and offers ) 

Minimum Payout: 3000 points ( 5 $ ) 

Payment methods 

you can request payout after reaching minimum payout using 4 different methods 

1- Paypal ( your email address must match your paypal email ) 
2- Visa 
3- Bitcoin 
4- Gist cards ( itunes - app store ) 

one of the best things about feature points payment system is that : 

they pay you after 2-5 days from requesting payout not a month or more like other gpt website 

Fetaure points Pros 

- it is legit gpt website 
- Low minimum payout 
- many payment methods 
- Excellent referral system  
- many offers and surveys 

Feature points cons 

there aren’t any cons we noticed till now 

Does featurepoints have an app ? 

yes, feature points has app for : 

- IOS 
- Android 

whick is a very good for those who wants to earn money using their phones 

How to register a new featurepoints account ? 

1- Go to feature points  ( you will get 50 points gift using this link ) 
2- fill in your email address then choose a strong password to your account 
3- Verify your Email address 
4- Start earning points 
5- Redeem these points to any payment method 

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