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grabpoints review is it scam or legit gpt site

Grabpoints is one of the best gpt websites to make money online by completing offers and solving surveys and in this review we are goint to know all about grabpoints and how to earn money from it ? and the most important thing is grabpoints legit or scam gpt site ?                   

is grabpoints legit gpt website

Is grabpoints legit gpt website ? 

this is the most important question you should know its answer before you join any website and start working on it , now let’s ask this question on grabpoints , is grabpoints legit or scam website ? 

grabpoints is legit gpt website that pays its users since 2014 and there is nothing say that grabpoints is 1 % scam but this is until now and we don’t what will happen in the future   

grabpoints review

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How to earn from grabpoints ( full review )

Let’s move on quickly to earning ways that grabpoints offers and you can earn from completing them and we will review each one of these methods to know which is the best way to make some real cash 

Grabpoints has 3 ways to make money 


surveys are the most profitable way you can use to earn huge number of points from grabpoints . 

when I tried grabpoints survey tab I was surprised about how much could I earn from a single survey , there were surveys that offers you 7000 points ( which is 7 $ ) do you believe that a single 20 minute survey pay you that ?! 
- grabpoints has different survey sites they work with to provide the best survey for you 
- another thing to know about grabpoints surveys is that they are considered one of the highest paying surveys in the market . 


grabpoints is a gpt website so the main way to earn money from it is by completing offers . 

- there are hundreds of offers you can complete on grabpoints and you will earn good points from each offer                                          
- grabpoints has 7 different offer walls these offer walls are from  the best CPA websites 

watching videos 

watching ads is another way you can earn points from on grabpoints . 

grabpoints contain several ads that will help you to increase your earnings . 

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grabpoints payment system review 

grabpoints payment system is a good payment system that will really appreciate your efforts 

grabpoints minimum payout

you can request payout once you reach payment threshold of 3 $

payment methods

there are many payment methods you can use to withdraw your money from grabpoints here you are all of them : 

- Paypal : 3 $ minimum ( your grabpoints email is your paypal email )  

- Visa : 5 $ minimum 
- Gift cards : 5 $ minimum ( steam wallet - facebook - roblox - rixty - xbox - minecraft- etc ) 

when will you recieve your payment ? 

Usually you will receive your payment in 24 - 72 hours but it may delay up to 5 days from your payment request 

Grabpoints referral system review 

grabpoints has referral system ? 

yes they have one but it’s not very good like other gpt websites 

- when someone use your referral link he will get 500 points bonus but , what will you get ? 
- grabpoints will give you 25 - 250 points once your referral reaches 1000 points  which make pointsprizes is better than grab points 

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Pros of grabpoints

- it is legit 

- offers watching ads to earn
- it contains many offers and surveys 
- it provides many payment methods 
- payment is quick 

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Cons of grab points 

- referral system isn’t good compared to other gpt websites 

- No bitcoin as payment method 


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