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in one of our posts we discuss all about timebucks and is it scam or legit gpt website ? and we discuss how to earn from 12 ways that timebucks provides and in this post we will review one of timebucks best ways of making money ( Timebucks Captcha

how to make money from timebucks captcha

timebucks captcha is one of the best ways to make money from timebucks it is simple and really don’t need any skills 

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How timebucks captcha system work ?

timebucks captcha system is really good and easy 
- timebucks using hcaptcha system which is one of the easiest types of captcha 
- timebucks captcha rates are 0.003 $ / 20 captcha it is about 0.15 $ / 1000 captcha but the have alot of work so you can solve captcha unlimited times 
- timebucks gives first 50 people who solve the most captcha 1 $ bonus every day for each one of them 

how you slove timebucks captcha ? 

1- login to you are account and go to ( Earn tap ) then to ( Captcha tap ) as in the photo below 

timebucks captcha how to work

2- now scroll down and you can start solving captcha by clicking on captcha box 
3- you can solve captcha by selecting the area that you can jump throw as in this picture below just follow the steps on it 

timebucks captcha review

4- after completing 20 captcha you will be credited 0.003 $ that will be added immediately into your timebucks account balance 
5- if you completed less than 20 captcha you won’t be credited anything 

timebucks legit or scam ? 

timebucks is legit gpt website that really pays its users and we provided many payment proofs in our timebucks review you can check all of them by reading our full timebucks review 

timebucks payment system 

minimum payout from timebucks is 10 $ 
payment methods are : 

- Skrill 
- Nettler 
- Airtm 
- Bitcoin 
- Payeer 

Do you like our timebucks captcha system review ? 

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